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Laura Ashley, the leading brand in fashion and home furnishing. The company was expanded from modest scale previous time and developed to giant in fashions and homes presently. The brand was famous with its iconic design which varied from Victorian style to timeless silhouettes. Indeed the design on their production has become the trademark of the company, it shown completely through fashion, bedding, wallpaper, curtains, lighting, furniture etc.

Besides the unique design, quality assurance is the value that people obtained from Laura Ashley bedding. The Laura Ashley bedding collections are the amazing pieces that enhance the decor value as well as source of comfort in any bedroom. You might think that the bedding ensembles would be matching with classic bedroom setting only. Possibly you should remove this perception as the Laura Ashley bedding sets like linens, bedspread, duvet and pillows are working well on modern bedroom setting too. The dedicated designer team in London Studio has kept upgrading their design to meet current taste and preferences from the market. As a result for those of you who prefer contemporary style bedding sets alluding classic silhouette should really consider this.

Laura Ashley Bed Linen

The Laura Ashley bedding collection should start with gorgeous bed linen where most bed lines from this brand was constructed of 100% cotton. Few examples like Josette Cotton Bed Linen, Almarie Cotton Bed Linen, Bramwell Floral Cotton Bed Linen is the comfort choice you can consider. The linen has been embellished with various detailing like ruffles, embroideries, ribbons to enhance its image.

Laura Ashley Bedspread

The warm series bedspreads like Rebecca Silk Stripe Quilt, Newlyn Cotton Quilt and Bloom Duck Egg Cotton quilt is the marvelous accessories to complete Laura Ashley Bedding Setting. These bedspreads or quilts were presenting in different designs and patterns. For example the Blooming Duck Egg Quilt is presenting lovely classic floral print which matches with classic bedding setting. Thus the quilt is also an enhancement for your bedroom in terms of sophistication.

Laura Ashley Duvet & Pillow

The Duvets and pillows under Laura Ashley bedding collections are the next you should get to complete your bedding. The goose down duvet is pairing with goose down pillow, microfibre cotton duvet is getting along with microfibre pillow and others are working in the same way. By the way no matter which combination of duvet and pillow you are getting, they all perfect for comfort and coziness. You will never get regret for owning any set of them.

Laura Ashley Grape Bed Cushion

Lastly, don’t forget to buy the beautiful bed cushion series from Laura Ashley. For those who choose pink linen and bedspread, get the Nevern Pin Silk Bed Cushion. The pink tonal stripe as well as the pom-pom edge of the pillow is lovely decorated your entire bedding. Feather pad is attached with this cushion. This pink piece is also the popular choice for ladies. Next if you intended to engage classic design of Laura Ashley bedding ensembles, then include this, the Lemington Polka Dot Bed Cushion. The piece was developed of cotton and enriched with raspberry red color.

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Your bedroom is your heaven. It’s where you go to relax and to revive for the next day. It may also be where you read, meditate or just chill out and can be an outflow from the day to day chore and the place you go to get away from it all. Since your bedroom is your own private space, you want to make sure that it’s as comfortable, relaxing and luxurious as it can be. Choose wonderful textured fabrics like velvet throw pillows and a chenille bedspread to create the most out of your space. Although there have numerous selections of bedspreads offered, chenille bedspread is one of the most comfy and elegant bedspreads. It is the widely held name used not only in the field of bedspreads, however also in the other items, like cushion covers etc. nowadays, various people have started using chenille bedspreads as this material is very soft, comfortable, and looks royal but at the same time it is expensive as well. There are a number of options offered in these bedspreads and if you are going to buy a bedspread for your room, you can get the one that you want.

This chenille bedspread is offered in different sizes. They are designed in queen size, single size and king size. Queen chenille bedspread and king chenille bedspread are perfect for the bed of couples. They aren’t only beautiful and comfortable, but it is also very traditional. Couples love them for they bring comfort and ease to the body from stress. These bedspreads are Luxurious styling creates a richly detailed and textured design with swag and border designs. Fluffy chenille all over tufting creates an impressive center pattern. Chenille bedspread queen is a comforter that is typically only a little longer than the mattress. This bedspread is designed to hang all the way to the floor. It is longer and wider than other bed coverings. This means it’s extremely important to take accurate measurements before ordering a chenille bedspread for your bed.

These bedspreads are available with different colours. The white chenille bedspread is one of the most fabulous bedspreads. It make you bed look luxurious. To experience the softness and the beauty of one of these particular yarns woven into a bedspread is not soon forgotten. The warmth and comfort are not to be compared to any other. Their appearance may be traditional, but they can be placed into any decor, and simply make the room.

The designs and patterns that are available for purchase will be limited only by the creator of the spreads themselves. No matter the colour you need to outfit your room, you can find something online to take your breath away. Perhaps stark white is your preference, and this type bedspread will always get comments. One thing is certain, a picture will never do it justice, you must be able to put your hands on it, and see the way that it catches the light in the room to really appreciate it true beauty.

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