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Many of us find the word pillow sham difficult to understand. What is really a pillow sham? Well the word sham means something that is not purports to be, a fraud or fake. Hence, pillow sham is a fake pillow, looks like a pillow but doesn’t have a function of a pillow. A pillow sham is a decorative covering for a pillow on a bed, in other words it is a pillow cover only for decorative purposes.

Meanwhile, a quilt is a type of bedding consist of several layers normally combined using the technique of quilting. The quilt layers can be combined by tying, which refers to the technique of using thread or yarn to pass through all three layers of the quilt at regular intervals. These ties have great purpose in quilt due to they hold the layers together during sue or when washing.

So combining quilt and pillow sham, we can now understand the meaning and begin to picture out what is quilted pillow sham. We may wonder what’s special about quilted pillow shams as compared to ordinary ones.

Perhaps quilting is a very ancient technique, but due to its amazing result, until now it is still adopt and embrace especially in bedding designs. Comfort and warm are always associated in quilted pillow shams. With these qualities, they become special. Aside from being considered as sewing technique, quilt is also popularized as an art. So we are all assured that every piece of these pillow shams is masterpiece of an art.

However, do you ever wonder, what’s the difference of quilted pillow cases to pillow shams? There are several misconceptions that they are both the same. Well, to give you a brief explanation, quilted pillow cases are more functional. They are meant to cover the pillows where you slept on. They are often made of solid or plain colors and sometimes with trimmings in the edges. While quilted pillow shams are made of decorative fabric, they are meant to covered decorative pillows. Often have open in the middle of the back, with slight overlapped fabric, they are adorned with laces, embroidery and have more intricate pattern than pillow cases. They can also use to sleep on, but most people avoid that because they are more costly, usually made of more decorative fabric that are more expensive than pillow cases.

Quilted pillow shams have variety of colors available in the market. They are often sold as part of comforter set or beddings. They are also made of different kinds of fabric, as one example is cotton quilted pillow shams. As the fabric is known to provide comfort, and also one of the cheapest, but the designs are trendy, always creates flares in your bedrooms.

With the colors, white quilted pillow shams are often one of the choices of people who love the color white. Perhaps some doesn’t purchase the pillow shams because the color is their favorite; the reason is always because of the aura. White is a neutral color that always matches any colors, dark or light. It always provides the looks of cleanliness, lightness and brightness. Thus, decorating your bed with these pillow shams creates glare and purity.

As the color white creates brightness, which is the contrast of black quilted pillow shams. Black is dark and deep, but same as white, it is neutral and matches almost all colors, it provides elegance and class. So when the color is elaborated in your bed, it will always give a cutting edge style.

These pillow shams are available in stores and shops that sell beddings and comforters, they are also available via online.

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