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There are two words to describe an ocean comforter set, which is peace and calming. However I’m sure many of you having more descriptions or appreciations on these comforter sets. Principally the comforter set is in blue color, light blue or navy blue, as long as the blue ocean color is taking the major part of the comforter set. The recent report shown the ocean comforter is welcomed by public, especially living homes. This is due to more environmental awareness is created among public and nature themed of comforter set is becoming popular. In this case then the ocean comforter is considered one of them, other than jungle comforter and tropical comforter.

What prints or characters usually the designer will include inside the ocean comforters? Actually ocean is a huge place for designer to obtain inspirations. For example the under water world or marine population is containing thousands and millions of ocean species for the designs. Dolphin for example, is the common character for ocean themed comforters.

As far as concern the friendly character and beautiful body figure of dolphin is always the hottest print for any ocean comforters. Other fish species like shark, butterfish, angel fish etc is also the favorite print for the comforter sets. Basically these fishes are presented in different style, motion and demeanors to match with the back color of the comforter sets. Generally these fishes will be humanizing, with human eyes, lips etc. This is to increase the vision effect of the piece as to add value to your bedroom.

Beside fish, there were many types of marine species like sea cucumber; oyster, mussels etc are also becoming the favorite art print for ocean comforter. Moreover the comforter set is always decorated with nice seaweed and marine plant. The contrast tone between seaweed in green with colorful fish is adding colors and energy to your bed as well as to your bedroom. Other than that the green blue is both the nature color which calms your bedroom down, to offer you relax and cozy environment to rest. Indeed this is one of the purposes where people like to get this theme of comforter set to their bedroom.

The designer also is included the marine cartoon prints to the ocean comforter. For example the mermaid is applied on the comforter and it becomes the lovely bedding piece for many girls. Other than mermaid, nemo fish print of ocean comforter set is also the popular one among others. It can make every kids sleep earlier although you didn’t read bedside story. Similarly some of these comforter sets are applied the famous marine cartoon stories from a series to another.

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