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Ivory is an elegant color selection for many items like clothing, fashion accessories, flowers, bedding, cushion cover etc. The color is presented in yellow white and defined fully the shade of elephant tusk. The elegant roses for examples, are the sign of romantic where were used for decorating elegant setting of wedding or engagement ceremony. The ivory bedding too, is the popular bedding option for many bedrooms. Either you owned an ivory bed or ivory bedding set, the impact is the same where your bedroom will look absolutely peace, versatile and beautiful.

Ivory Bedding Accessories

Since ivory color is presented in between yellow and white, thus you need to be selective when buying other bedding items like beds, wardrobes, bedside chests, bedroom desk etc. Thus make sure the comforter is matching with bedding needs like comforter, quilt covers, pillow cases and bed skirts. If possible get these bedding accessories in ivory shade too. Nonetheless since ivory bedding does not far different from white or cream color series of bedding sets; therefore you don’t have to worry you can’t get the right bedding item to match with them. Somehow not all ivory bedding sets are in solid ivory tone, there were some are presented in combination tone like black and ivory bedding, red and ivory bedding as well as blue and ivory bedding.

Ivory Bedding For Baby

Although ivory color series of bedding set is used widely for complimenting master bedroom; however it is also the glamour bedding option for completing baby’s room. This is due to ivory is a warm and calm color which best suits for baby. Your baby’s room will absolutely look peace and cozy with ivory baby bedding, perhaps with lovely cartoon print of ivory crib bedding. Likewise you can also paint your baby’s room in ivory color, matches it with ivory color back of jungle rug, with elephant and rabbit prints.


In spite of ivory bedding is a perfect color series of bedding set for many bedrooms, nonetheless you need special care on them. First and foremost the color of this bedding set is easily got dirty. In fact this is applicable for all bright color series of bedding sets like white bedding set or yellow bedding set. Therefore make sure you clean the bedding set at least once in a month. Other than that, you are strongly advised to get the ivory bedding set which was made of waterproof material, like lustrous surface of satin ivory bedding set. This is to cut down the possibility of the bedding set will easily get dirty easily. Finally wash it with wetting agent available detergent, to make sure the piece can entirely remove the stain or dirt.

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